How It Works

911eye does not require anyone to download and install an app. Instead it works via SMS text message or email. The Public Safety Telecommunicator (PST) simply sends a text or an email to the smartphone of the caller. By clicking on the URL link contained within the text message or email, a secure ‘one-time-use’ live video stream is enabled (subject to handset compatibility). The stream allows the PST to see the incident, assess how serious it is and decide what and how many resources to deploy. Additionally the caller’s location, via GPS coordinates, are provided to the PST.

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Importantly, no footage is stored on the user’s device. And if the caller has poor signal, or the device doesn’t support video, they can opt to send still photo images instead.

When integrated into an agency’s Communications Center, the video captured by 911eye can be downloaded and stored in order to secure crucial evidence as an incident unfolds.

Although, public safety is of paramount importance and 911eye should be used at the discretion of the dispatcher based upon authorized operating procedures to ensure that members of the public are not placed at any risk when using the service.

System Features

  • No app required – works on any smart device and operating system
  • Confirms and maps dynamically updated caller location via GPS coordinates, to speed response
  • Secure, one-time-use link sent by SMS or email
  • Real-time live video stream viewable by PST and shared with supervisors as appropriate
  • Video can be streamed live to response teams in the field, giving them eyes on an incident before arriving at the scene
  • Maintains voice contact with caller while images are transmitted
  • Still images available in lower signal coverage
  • Secure cloud-hosted service, built to meet CJIS requirements and favourable to independent assessors
  • Can reduce hoax call mobilizations

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