Chandler PD, AZ working with their community to deploy 911eye

Whenever new technology gets deployed, and especially in the context of a 911 dispatch center, it is vitally important that the communities that center serves are kept up to date and aware. Chandler PD has been publicising 911eye and how it works so that when a member of the public calls requesting help it doesn’t […]

911eye Partners with RapidSOS and is now RapidSOS Ready

Through this partnership, 911eye will give 911 telecommunicators access to live video data via RapidSOS Portal 
 Ewing, NJ – May 18, 2021 ー Capita and Critical Response Group, in partnership with RapidSOS, announced today an agreement to provide first responders and 911 telecommunicators with the ability to access 911eye live video streaming services within […]

Office of the Chief State Medical Examiner, NJ joins the 911eye user community

We are delighted to welcome the New Jersey Office of the Chief State Medical Examiner to the 911eye user community. NJOCSME is the first such agency across the country to start using 911eye. In New Jersey, when a person’s death is unexpected and the cause of death is not immediately known, the death is investigated […]

Duluth Police Department are the first in Georgia to deploy 911eye

As the word spreads about how effective 911eye is in supporting law enforcement operations we are delighted to welcome Duluth PD in Georgia as the first in the state to sign up for 911eye. The service will deliver crucial information to the dispatch center, by way of live video and accurate location data and to […]

First US Fire Department trials 911eye

Jackson County Fire District No 3 have become the first Fire Department in the US to trial the 911eye service and have already seen the benefits with live use in an incident of an RV fire close to a gas station. The pilot service, launched in partnership with the Oregon Department of Forestry’s Southwest Oregon […]

Jefferson County 911 Center, OH the first in state to sign up to 911eye

Jefferson County 911 Center has become the first agency in Ohio to sign up to 911eye. The Center takes 911 calls for a number of agencies in the county and will be using 911eye to enhance their dispatch and response including being able to share the live video with the First Responders. In a recent […]

New additions to the 911eye user community

It is a pleasure to welcome two new clients to the 911eye user community following successful trials. New Jersey Transit Police Department and South Brunswick Township Police join our rapidly expanding list of users having trialed the successfully over the last month and seen the benefits that the service can bring to their policing operations. […]

CRG and IPSDI collaborate to bring 911eye to Fire Departments and EMS

We are delighted to announce that our partners, Critical Response Group (CRG), have agreed a collaboration with the International Public Safety Data Institute (IPSDI) to extend the offer for 911eye to Fire Departments and EMS across the United States. To support the launch of the collaboration the team is running a number of virtual events […]

Four more Police Departments sign up for 911eye

Following successful trials as part of our Covid-19 offer over the last month four further Police Departments have formally signed up to adopt our service. We welcome Westwood, Little Falls, Somerset County and Emerson to the expanding network of users across the USA The service will deliver crucial information to dispatch centers, by way of […]

911eye offered at no cost for 30 days to the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police

We are pleased to announce that 911eye is now available to public safety agencies across VA as part of a strategic partnership with Critical Response Group. In the past two months, 911eye has been used extensively across the country to address a diverse range of incidents, including property damage, domestic violence, lost persons, theft, medical […]