USE CASE: Mississippi-Louisiana border, summer 2022

Not every 911 call needs an emergency response: A man and his son were on a trip to a remote area with their truck, trailer, and small boat. During the trip their pick up truck became stuck along the banks of a waterway and a call was placed for assistance. In order to get an […]

USE CASE: Wyoming, Summer 2022

A group of citizens witnessed the assault of a male subject who was now on the ground at the front of a convenience store. The male was suffering from a laceration on the forehead and was bleeding profusely. As the call was placed to 911 for an ambulance to respond, the man was given basic […]

USE CASE: Florida, Summer 2022

A citizen caller reported a group fishing along a busy highway that was in an area where fishing was not permitted. Not only was fishing against local regulations, but the types of fish being caught were high value and protected in this area. The call was handled by local authorities but also involved state authorities […]

CASE STUDY: 911eye used to locate teenager requiring urgent medical assistance

A teenage female was at a friend’s home babysitting for a few hours. Several hours prior, she took medication that caused her to feel lightheaded and eventually lose consciousness. Upon recovering, she placed a call for EMS services, but the location of the house was not known. A series of questions failed to yield where […]

Live video streaming now enhanced with standalone chat facility

In response to feedback from our clients our 911eye video streaming service now includes a standalone two-way chat facility. If it isn’t possible for a video to be shared or a caller to speak, either the caller or the operator can initiate a standalone chat through the service once connected. Without the need for any […]

Concordia Parish 911 Dispatch joins the 911eye team

Concordia Parish 911 Dispatch has become the first in Louisiana to implement 911eye. Watch a short news item here    

A PICTURE IS WORTH 1000 WORDS- safety and innovation!

Since March 2020, the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) has been testing the 911eye platform, a virtual tool developed to provide Emergency Services across the world with vital situational awareness. Now, the EPS has signed on to continue using the public safety telecommunicator, implementing 911eye to support non-emergency calls that can be responded to by an […]

Chandler PD, AZ working with their community to deploy 911eye

Whenever new technology gets deployed, and especially in the context of a 911 dispatch center, it is vitally important that the communities that center serves are kept up to date and aware. Chandler PD has been publicising 911eye and how it works so that when a member of the public calls requesting help it doesn’t […]

911eye Partners with RapidSOS and is now RapidSOS Ready

Through this partnership, 911eye will give 911 telecommunicators access to live video data via RapidSOS Portal 
 Ewing, NJ – May 18, 2021 ー Capita and Critical Response Group, in partnership with RapidSOS, announced today an agreement to provide first responders and 911 telecommunicators with the ability to access 911eye live video streaming services within […]

Office of the Chief State Medical Examiner, NJ joins the 911eye user community

We are delighted to welcome the New Jersey Office of the Chief State Medical Examiner to the 911eye user community. NJOCSME is the first such agency across the country to start using 911eye. In New Jersey, when a person’s death is unexpected and the cause of death is not immediately known, the death is investigated […]