A PICTURE IS WORTH 1000 WORDS- safety and innovation!

Published Nov 30, 2021

Since March 2020, the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) has been testing the 911eye platform, a virtual tool developed to provide Emergency Services across the world with vital situational awareness. Now, the EPS has signed on to continue using the public safety telecommunicator, implementing 911eye to support non-emergency calls that can be responded to by an officer remotely.

“The COVID-19 pandemic was a driving force in exploring new ways the Edmonton Police Service could continue serving the community while ensuring safety for the public and responding officers. 911eye enables our officers the ability to help Edmontonians in a way that hasn’t been done before: remotely. This method, which fosters a collaborative effort between the Service and the community, grants a responding officer the ability to follow up on a non-emergency call with the reporter through a live stream. The reporter can walk an EPS member through a scene and speak with them directly. Just as 911eye helps shape the future of law enforcement, it also helps policing become more innovative in a meaningful way.”

Superintendent Warren Driechel – Information Technology Division, Edmonton Police Service.

EPS is the first police agency in Canada to use 911eye, to support dispatch efficiencies and human safety in terms of social distancing.

EPS is supported by our partner in Canada, Levvel Inc, a consulting business that focuses on key points in a business to help create balance, including Staffing Solutions, Change Consulting, Software QA Testing, and Management Consulting. Read more on their website