Bergen County PSOC joins 911eye

Published Oct 24, 2019

A warm welcome to Bergen County Public Safety Operations Center, the newest department to join 911eye in transforming its emergency call handling.

As well as instant, live video streaming to support all 911 calls and greatly aid decision-making and emergency response, Bergen County PSOC will also benefit from the following features of this innovative technology:

• Integrated mapping with live, dynamic updates to caller location throughout the duration of their call
• The ability to share video streams with multiple users
• The ability to live share emergency footage with first responders, so they’re more prepared upon arrival at the scene.

About Bergen County PSOC

The mission of the Bergen County Communications Center is to provide courteous, prompt and professional service to all we serve.

Communications is the vital link between the citizens of Bergen County and the emergency services that they may require.

We are committed to providing each 9-1-1 call with compassion and accuracy to facilitate the dispatch of police, fire and emergency medical services.

Our Public Safety Telecommunicators are committed to providing reliable communication and information to our first responders.

We strive to continuously improve through training, public feedback, and team work.

Communications will utilize our technology and experience and will continue to grow to fulfill the needs of our county and all who pass through it.

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