Jefferson County 911 Center, OH the first in state to sign up to 911eye

Published Aug 11, 2020

Jefferson County 911 Center has become the first agency in Ohio to sign up to 911eye. The Center takes 911 calls for a number of agencies in the county and will be using 911eye to enhance their dispatch and response including being able to share the live video with the First Responders.

In a recent news item on local WTOV9, Jefferson County 911 Director Rob Herrington said “it will help improve communication between the individual calling 911 and dispatchers and will allow for a better response.”

The technology has only been in use for a few weeks and has already been used over half a dozen times, like on the scene of a fire in Mingo Junction. In addition to the live stream, the video is saved and can be sent to help those going to the scene better prepare.

“A lot of times when people call to report an emergency its confusing,” Steubenville Fire Chief Carlo Capaldi said. “They’re in a rush. There are things going on behind them. Sometimes it’s hard to get accurate information.”

Watch the full news piece here