Miami Police Department Implements 911eye to Improve Response Capabilities

Published Mar 10, 2020

Critical Response Group, Inc. (CRG) is proud to announce that the Miami Police Department (MPD) has joined the growing ranks of public safety organizations to adopt and deploy 911eye. This leading Next Generation 911 (NG911) technology pinpoints a caller’s location and allows them to share real-time texts, audio, video or photos during a 911 emergency call. This innovative and cost-effective technology provides MPD with a way to simultaneously receive multiple streams of video from callers to increase their situational awareness, reduce response times and create safer outcomes during a crisis.

As the first law enforcement agency in the State of Florida to utilize 911eye, the Miami Police Department recognized the benefit of adding NG911 technology to its current communications network. According to Miami Police Department’s Chief Jorge Colina, “We’re excited to be using 911eye. Anything we can do to help keep our residents, visitors and merchants safe, we’re all in. 911eye takes us to the next level of public safety.”

911eye enables a caller with any smartphone to seamlessly share live video, texts, pictures and GPS coordinates directly from their phone to a public safety Communications Center without the need of installing an App on their phone. Information sent using 911eye can be shared in real-time with first responders before they arrive at a scene. This vital information assists public safety professionals to make better decisions and quickly mobilize the correct resources.

Critical Response Group, Inc. is a New Jersey-based company whose product line focuses on creating better situational awareness for first responders. “We are proud to work with the Miami Police Department as 911eye now expands into the State of Florida. When emergencies occur, witnesses are normally under stress and can have difficulty providing their location and accurate descriptions of on-scene events. MPD has introduced cutting-edge technology to resolve those issues by providing a simple and secure tool for first responders”, said Phil Coyne, President of Critical Response Group, Inc.

In 2019, CRG partnered with Capita Software, a U.K. company, who developed 911eye to help emergency responders globally. Both companies recognized the value 911eye would immediately provide U.S. public safety organizations as NG911 technology becomes more prevalent. Chris Baker, Executive Officer of Capita Software, stated that “The fact that Miami Police Department have seen the value that 911eye brings to creating better outcomes to their citizens, officers and staff is tremendous recognition of the cutting edge software that Capita develops and brings to the Public Safety market. We are proud to be working with such an iconic police department”.

How it Works

911eye allows Communication Centers to send a secure, single-use link to a 911 caller without the need to download and install an App on their phones. Instead, 911eye works through SMS text messaging or email, where the caller simply clicks on the URL link to begin sending texts, real-time video streams or photos from the scene. That data allows a communications center to accurately determine a caller’s location, collect vital information from the caller and view the incident as it unfolds. The communication center can then assess the seriousness of an event and quickly determine the proper resources that are needed.

911eye immediately and accurately displays a caller’s location through GPS coordinates drawn directly from the smart device, which are dynamically refreshed. That feature provides visible, real-time updates for the position of a 911 caller if they are moving, which can be critical to finding someone during an emergency. When the call is ended there is no data left on the caller’s phone. All information shared through 911eye is securely stored and catalogued at the police department. That means any video, photos or location data can be immediately downloaded and shared across the public safety community as necessary.

About Critical Response Group

Critical Response Group, Inc., (CRG) is comprised of former United States Military Special Operations veterans with hundreds of real-world missions, retired domestic public safety executives and an expert technical staff. We know the public expects first responders to be quick and effective during an emergency. By partnering with Capita, CRG now empowers Public Safety Access Points (PSAPs) with 911eye, a superior 21st Century technology that can equip first responders with better information during an emergency.

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