Ocean County Sheriff’s Office to use 911eye to support operations

Published Apr 17, 2020

Ocean County Sheriff’s Office, New Jersey, has become the latest law enforcement agency to adopt the 911eye service to support their public safety operations. Deploying the service in their dispatch center will help their Public Safety Telecommunicators to make decisions on response resourcing and, where applicable, share the live video with responding officers.

About Ocean County Sheriff’s Office

The Ocean County Sheriff’s Office is committed to protecting life and property. We are dedicated to affording all citizens with law enforcement excellence and shall perform our duties in a proficient and effective manner. While performing the customary services of the Sheriff, we remain ready to strengthen and enhance all other law enforcement organizations. We acknowledge that the aptitude needed to effectively complete our mission is based on collective joint deference and dependability shared between the Sheriff’s Office, federal, state, county and municipal agencies, and the citizens we serve. As professionals, we are obligated to enforce the laws in a just and unbiased approach, while realizing the statutory and judicial limitations of police authority. In accomplishing our goal of law enforcement excellence, we will steadfastly protect the constitutional rights of every person.