911eye offered at no cost for 30 days to the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police

We are pleased to announce that 911eye is now available to public safety agencies across VA as part of a strategic partnership with Critical Response Group. In the past two months, 911eye has been used extensively across the country to address a diverse range of incidents, including property damage, domestic violence, lost persons, theft, medical […]

More Police Departments sign up for 911eye

Following successful trials as part of our Covid-19 offer over the last month three further Police Departments have formally signed up to adopt our service and join an expanding network of users across the USA and North America. The service will deliver crucial information to dispatch centers, by way of live video and accurate location […]

Modesto PD becomes the first client in California

We are delighted to welcome Modesto Police Dept to the ever-expanding 911eye client list as the first client from California to deploy the service. As the first West Coast client they join their colleagues on the East Coast in using the service to help triage emergency calls more effectively to promote professional distancing and promote […]

Ocean County Sheriff’s Office to use 911eye to support operations

Ocean County Sheriff’s Office, New Jersey, has become the latest law enforcement agency to adopt the 911eye service to support their public safety operations. Deploying the service in their dispatch center will help their Public Safety Telecommunicators to make decisions on response resourcing and, where applicable, share the live video with responding officers. About Ocean […]

Fairfield PD, New Jersey, is one of the latest to deploy 911eye to support the COVID-19 response

In order to support law enforcement operations during the COVID-19 pandemic nearly 100 Police Departments across the US have deployed the 911eye service. By promoting ‘Professional Distancing’ the service is being used to provide greater situational awareness of calls and allow the dispatch center to assess the response required and provide the responding officers with […]

911eye Professional distancing offer

We are now offering “911eye” technology at no cost to public safety agencies as they manage the COVID-19 pandemic over the next 30 days. more.. We are pleased to be able to work closely with law enforcement and public health agencies during the COVID-19 pandemic by offering the use of the service at no cost […]

Miami Police Department Implements 911eye to Improve Response Capabilities

Critical Response Group, Inc. (CRG) is proud to announce that the Miami Police Department (MPD) has joined the growing ranks of public safety organizations to adopt and deploy 911eye. This leading Next Generation 911 (NG911) technology pinpoints a caller’s location and allows them to share real-time texts, audio, video or photos during a 911 emergency […]

911eye continues to help Gloucester Township PD dispatchers..

In the 6 months since Gloucester Township PD started using 911eye its use continues to grow allowing dispatchers to capture information to help officers respond to emergencies more efficiently. In their latest news article Lt Jason Gittens describes how they use the service so that the dispatchers can prepare the responding officers with details of […]

911eye to provide service to Northwest Bergen Central Dispatch

We are delighted to welcome Northwest Bergen Central Dispatch (NWBCD) as the latest addition to the expanding 911eye user community. The service will be used across the Dispatch Center to provide instant live videos from callers; confirming their location on the integrated mapping combined with the ability to share footage across the organisation and to […]

Bergen County PSOC joins 911eye

A warm welcome to Bergen County Public Safety Operations Center, the newest department to join 911eye in transforming its emergency call handling. As well as instant, live video streaming to support all 911 calls and greatly aid decision-making and emergency response, Bergen County PSOC will also benefit from the following features of this innovative technology: […]