The Edinburg Police Department goes live with lifesaving 911 program

Published Oct 16, 2019

Joining the host of 911eye customers, The Edinburg Police Department is now live with 911eye to support their emergency call handling.

The go-live follows the police department’s successful trial using the software to allow dispatchers to send callers a one-time live video streaming link. This allowed them to gain a clear and accurate view of emergency situations, and gauge the best response.

Watch Edinburg PD’s video here, detailing the trial and how 911eye will impact their community.

“This is going to help us because some of the people calling in, some of them can’t talk. Some of them are in immediate danger. This allows them to point (their smartphone) safely, or they can just leave the phone on and walk away from the situation. We’ll have all the access and the information.”

Edinburg PD Communications Officer, Elias Martinez

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About Edinburg Police Department

The mission of the Edinburg PD is to ‘Serve and Protect the lives and property of all citizens of
the United States, Texas and the City of Edinburg. To make the City of Edinburg a safer place to live by deterring crime, conducting investigations and apprehending offenders.”

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