USA – Critical Response Group

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Originally a Division of the Rodgers Group, LLC, Critical Response Group, Inc. works as a value added reseller for 911eye and provide clients with on-boarding assistance, set up and support services.

Critical Response Group is a team of dedicated, experienced, and proven professionals from the U.S. Military Special Operations Community and domestic public safety communities. Our team members are tenacious problem solvers and tireless advocates for leveraging best practices and cutting edge technology to protect the public and critical infrastructure.

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USA – International Public Safety Data Institute

IPSDI procures, assembles, analyzes, and reports information from fire, rescue, and law enforcement data. The IPSDI also provides live dashboards for local public safety agencies to assure usable information about operations.

IPSDI helps local public safety agencies gather, organize, and translate data to improve how they evaluate risks, deploy resources, and respond to emergencies through large scale experiments, data analytics, research & development, health and safety, standards, recommendations and scientific publications.

IPSDI will be working closely with Critical Response Group to engage with the Fire & Rescue sector across the United States to bring the 911eye service to those agencies.

For more information please visit the IPSDI website